Augmented Reality

Google has unveiled their secret project called Project Glass. Technology is moving too fast. Project Glass is basically glasses that have functions like a smartphone, except that it is easier and more convenient to use. There is a rectangular strip on the top right of the glasses that allow for these amazing functions to happen. Say you want to take a picture of something, you would have to look at what you want to be snapped and upload or share it online with the simple use of voice command.

The video below clearly illustrates how this augmented reality that Google has come up with could work in someone’s daily life:

However, this futuristic technology bears its disadvantages as well. Although it might be able to meet the wants of potential consumers, Project Glass displays how reliant people can be on technology. The glasses would be used more as opposed to smartphones because of the convenience it presents the public with. Once it is put on (like normal glasses), you could rely on it if you get lost (or even when you’re just lazy to find your way around.) This habit of being too dependent on technology isn’t exactly a good thing in my opinion.

A parody of Project Glass:

Funny, but also a possibility! Augmented advertisements are also on the rise to create virtual experiences that double up as commercials. “Technology has finally caught up with our imaginations,” wrote from Black Eyed Peas on their website. Some large corporations like Heineken, Mini Cooper and Red Bull have followed suit in producing augmented advertisements. They want their brands to be linked with visionary thinking and experimental advertising.

We’d be seeing more of augmented advertisements like such:

Augmented Reality Experience :: Red Bull Home Videos :: Red Bull

…and perhaps more people waving their hands looking silly in the future!

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Future of the Internet

Technology is forever evolving. Many people who have mobile phones communicate through Whatsapp or BlackBerry Messenger for a more instant mode of communication. It works almost like MSN Messenger service but more on-the-go. SMSes have become obsolete, barely anyone in my social circle does it! With Whatsapp and BlackBerry Messenger, communication is more personal and can be more fun/expressive. With tons of emoticons available (and definitely more to come), Whatsapp and BlackBerry Messenger has become a very common method of communication today. Photos and voice notes can also be sent through these two means for free! We’ve also got other communication means such as 2go and Skype.

No evolution is as fast as the Internet! Previously, I would stay up late talking to friends on MSN Messenger and using the web cam. Facebook has conveniently replaced MSN Messenger even though their chat box is rather laggy and not as elaborate looking as you might expect it to be. Just log-in to your MSN Messenger and take a look at your contact list, it’d look almost empty like this:

I sure hope I’m not alone viewing a dead MSN list, otherwise…that’s almost depressing to know!

Books are already being phased out, look at all the e-readers. Everything is going paperless, just about all of our bills and banking has gone paperless. People read stories on the iPad, people shopping online instead of physically going down to a store, people living on the Internet -and I mean solely earning income by making videos on YouTube!

Things have evidently changed, take a look at the possible future of online hiring:

And says Dr. Kaku, we will wear the Internet in the future:

An interesting perspective about the evolution of the Internet.

Lastly, I’d like you to enjoy a parody of Microsoft’s vision of the future:

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Citizen Journalism

I often go on about the wonders of the Internet, because a lot of us rely on it so much! Being connected to the Internet keeps people updated about what is going on. Social media, or news articles and videos on the Internet provide people with useful information such as a tremor, weather update, or even news on a new product launch. The daily news on televisions or newspapers are not news that are as fresh in the modern day today. So, it’s social media versus traditional media.

Now, these people who collect, report, analyse, and disseminate news and information actively are citizen journalists. This could refer to people who blog, make or take videos -just basically authors of their content/topic of choice. People who have very strong opinions about certain issues often become citizen journalists. In this alternative mode of ‘journalism’, it is easy, quick, and sort of gives you the freedom of speech online instead of being passive.

Here’s a video by Paul Lewis, a journalist that talks about citizen journalism. He also explains how he has used social media to investigate two murders.

This is akin to the story of Oksana Makar, 18 year old girl from Ukraine who was gang-raped, strangled, and set on fire. Nearly 3 weeks after the ordeal, Oksana Makar passed away. Three boys between the ages of 22 to 24 years old were involved in this. However, police released two of them as they are sons of influential figures. The move re-ignited a public debate on corruption in the ex-Soviet republic. With severe burns and internal injuries, she was unconscious most of the time. On March 18 2012, her mother was able to record a short video of her daughter saying she wants her rapists to be castrated and imprisoned.

It is totally unjust that two of the boys involved in Oskana Makar’s ordeal were not charged. Citizen journalism on protests against corruption (such as this case), or even other issues would hopefully have more power, significance, and influence in the future. And as for Singapore Stomp, that’s just mostly trash, unnecessary gossip, some of which are either wrong accusations or exaggerations. Well, that’s just my opinion!


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Internet and Politics

A trend that even politicians have shifted to is using the Internet to re-engage the public in politics.


The Internet has become a norm for political participation. People use the Internet to read news, share views, or to participate in a process to get others to take political action. Younger groups of people tend to find the Internet an important tool in being updated about campaigns and being able to actively participate through opinions and such via Twitter and Facebook for example. The Internet helps these bunch participate online and feel more personally connected to a particular candidate or campaign of choice through commenting on a certain politician, expressing views and opinions on issues/matters raised, as well as sharing relevant videos.


Political parties are using the Internet as a communication tool and making full use of the features of the powerful Internet, for instance free advertising on YouTube. YouTube is more of a popular channel of choice as opposed to a television because one can have control of convenience to watch it whenever, and as many times he or she wants.

Recently, Jason Russell achieved what he aimed for -to create awareness through a 30 minute video. I am certain most of you netizens have come across the viral KONY 2012. Whether you have clicked the play button on this video or not, your friends on Facebook have shared it, and people have commented or put Facebook statuses about it. If you haven’t watched it, here you go:

It is indeed a moving video but don’t be too naive, the Internet is full of misinformation and propaganda that too many people believe is accurate.

Also, take a look at this:

Conspiracy theory? What are your views now??

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Computer Viruses

I didn’t make it a point then to install anti-virus softwares in my computer. If it was already installed for me, then perfect. Otherwise, if the anti-virus software has expired…I wouldn’t bother getting a new one. However, what I should have understood and learned about viruses:

…and yes, you probably guessed it. My laptop crashed on me once. I was using a hostel’s wifi, after which something that looked like one of these guys appeared:

It was more misleading though. The pop-up had said that my laptop was infected with viruses and to ‘click here’ to remove, and I did (ignorance exposed). I assumed it was an anti-virus software in my system that was amazingly effective. Next, I noticed I was asked for my credit card details to pay a small amount to get rid of the virus. Sneaky. This time I was smarter (about time) and thought asking for credit card details seemed a little suspicious. I couldn’t click on anything else and my screen basically froze.

Sent my laptop for repair and now I would say I am more cautious with situations like this. Often people get random links sent on MSN, or unusual emails with a link to click. In situations that are more sly, people could be asked for their personal information through emails for example; in a method called phishing. The video below further explains the term phishing and how it can be avoided.

So there, I hope you see how important it is to not be so quick at giving out your personal information too easily!

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Video editing

So we were asked to make a video…and I’ve only ever made 3 my whole life! (Birthday videos for friends and for my sister’s wedding)

Windows movie maker is user friendly and straightforward. Although the first time I did take days to complete the video. Don’t judge, I got better!

Enjoy the childhood montage made for my sister’s big day last December using Windows Movie Maker : )

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E-learning is a method of acquiring knowledge and educational experiences via technology. As technology advances, many people learn and adapt to its wonders. Then, we were all aware of in-classroom educational experiences, but over the years, people are exposed to a different way of teaching that would have sounded bizarre beyond 10 years ago. This transition I have experienced makes things way more convenient and flexible.

Flexibility is very important for people who work and study at the same time. With e-learning, they are able to study wherever they have access to a computer and Internet. In addition, developing and brushing up on one’s computer-related skills is definitely useful today. The advantage of e-learning can also be experienced by students…

….and that’s what e-learning is (in most students’ books). I jest.

Whether it implies the convenience of not having to attend school physically because of out-of-classroom education, or wanting to learn how to play the guitar, e-learning sure means having to save a lot of time! Picture this, wanting to learn basic conversation skills in a language completely foreign to you -Google or Youtube it to learn something useful for free! E-learning has become so popular people even post online tutorials on how to apply make up step by step to look like a celebrity for example. This is commonly done by using Youtube as a platform to share information.

You can learn just about anything on the Internet! I was at a hotel party last week and candle wax accidentally spilled onto the birthday girl’s dress. Immediately, a couple of friends Google searched and went on Youtube to solve the problem. We all learned that night that a paper towel placed over the wax and running an iron over it will melt the wax and absorb into the paper towel. Another useful tip for the common problem of getting phones wet is to leave it in a bowl of rice for at least 24 hours. The rice will supposedly absorb water from the phone.

This might not always work, but it doesn’t mean it hasn’t!

What other interesting/useful tips have you learned online? : )

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